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Our honey is all natural, sourced from local floral varietals, and sustainably harvested. SustainaBee only harvests excess honey produced by our bees and will not take any honey that we know our bees will consume during the fall and winter months when nectar options are low. Our honey is centrifuged to separate from the frame, and hand bottled and packaged with no additional flavorings or additives. Our packaging is 100% recyclable and our labels are printed on 100% recycled post-consumer materials.

Our natural honey is brought to you direct from our local hives. Because we minimally handle our honey, you may come across some comb debris. This is an unlikely but natural occurrence and is perfectly safe for consumption.

Our seasonal honey is currently available for purchase at the following locations:


-Andy’s Produce Market

-Let it Bee Juice

-Bill’s Farm Basket

-Taylor Lane Coffee (Barlow location)

Glen Ellen:

-Quarryhill Botancial Garden Gift Shop

For wholesale inquiries, please email amber@sustainabee.com



Our wildflower honeycomb is collected straight from our hives. Each season we have a limited amount of honeycomb to sell. Our honeycomb has a rich, sweet, floral taste and is a wonderful seasonal treat.

Honeycomb is wonderful over warm toast & butter, oatmeal, bread, cheese, and just about anything! Get creative!

**Please note that raw honey may crystallize depending on temperatures and floral variety. Crystallization is not an indication of expired honey. Honey does not expire, however the quality can be affected if not consumed within a few years. If your honey happens to crystallize, simply follow these two steps to allow those crystals to dissolve:

Place jar in a pot of warm water, set heat to medium-low and stir until crystals dissolve. You can also place the jar in a pot of hot water and leave it alone until it liquefies (not resting on heated element) After being melted, the granules will disappear for a time but they will return eventually if the honey hasn’t been consumed quickly enough. Simply repeat the heating process each time.

Fun Note

You may freeze your honey if the honey is used irregularly. Try freezing it in small batches and remove as needed. Please allow honey to thaw at room temperature before using. Freezing will help prevent honey from crystallizing.



Our beeswax is collected directly from our hives and is 100% all natural. It is double filtered to remove particles left behind by our bees.

For bulk inquiries, please contact amber@sustainabee.com

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Available starting April 2019

Our queens are bred and raised from locally adapted stock that have been strictly screened for their hygienic behavior and consistent ability to contain varroa mite populations naturally without chemical intervention. Our queens are openly mated in Sonoma & Yolo counties. We encourage drone development in our survivor stock colonies near the range of our queen mating nucs to allow our preferred genetics from the survivor stock drones to carry through to our queens.

Breeding quality queens is very important to us. Due to our strict breeding program, we will have a very limited supply of queens available for purchase during spring 2019. Please contact us via email or by phone for information on how to order queen bees for the upcoming 2019 season. We plan to have our first set of queens available late April 2019.