SustainaBee, a division of Dixon Bee Company LLC, was created out of our passion and dedication to the education, health and vitality of honey bees. Honey bees depend on clean, diverse landscapes to thrive. By adopting a holistic, sustainable and community based approach to raising honey bees, SustainaBee considers both the bees and the environment. We avoid the use of synthetic chemicals or antibiotics in our hives and focus on biodynamics by promoting regenerative, pesticide-free landscapes to support our honey bees, native pollinators, wildlife, and healthy ecosystems.

Mission Statement

SustainaBee supports bee health by focusing on holistic and sustainable practices and promotes honey bee education using a community based approach to increasing local bee populations and vitality.

Why Are We Different?

SustainaBee creates community partnerships by reaching out to local community members about providing our hives with homes, and in return, offers personal, direct experiences with our honey bees. We partner with businesses, schools and farms to provide information on honey bees, their importance in agriculture, and the precariousness of bee populations. We also offer the opportunity to personally connect and learn directly about honey bees with hands-on work in our hives.

We are committed to bee health and the environment. In addition to placing hives in various locations for cross pollination and optimal bee nutrition, we plant wildflowers near hives, assist local communities with creating pollinator supportive habitats, use eco-friendly packaging, and avoid the use of synthetic chemicals and pesticides.


SustainaBee believes in supporting organizations that have a positive impact on bees. A portion of SustainaBee profits will be used to support these organizations and create a scholarship fund for increasing diversity of individuals pursuing careers in sustainable agriculture/beekeeping.

There are many issues contributing to the decline of bees in the US. Pesticides, poor nutrition, parasites, viruses, and diseases are all bee stressors. Research and education is needed to help save the bee population which is critical to our agricultural industry.

We donate 1% of our net profits to Project Apis m (, an organization dedicated to honey bee research.

We believe in diversity. We want to ensure that there are opportunities for those interested in the future of agriculture and bees to be successful. SustainaBee will offer an annual scholarship fund to support increasing the diversity of individuals interested in pursuing careers in agriculture/beekeeping.